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︎Artist Statement:   

Routine can afford us mental and emotional bandwidth. Driving to the store or getting lunch for example becomes so second nature we can generally multitask during the activity as we go on “auto-pilot” . However, after having done something a number of times, and once we have lost that sense of newness, our minds tend to demand further stimulation.

Entertainment in the form of music, art, movies, or books can be simple distractions to keep the droll façade of boredom and regularity at bay. Unfortunately, these distractions are just distractions and this façade of boredom is only assumed familiarity that has been left to fester on the metaphorical shelf-of-life. Beneath this veneer of the “familiar” are uncountable unknowns. These unknowns are unknown unknowns that can be both beautiful and tragic.

We plaster this idea of being familiar on top of something we feel we should know in order to make ourselves comfortable, and yet it leaves us blind to the potential that is beneath.

This piece that I have dubbed “Urchin” is not beautiful on it’s own. It requires components that most of us use every day.  These components are then displayed in such a way that it creates an uncommon light projection for the viewer to observe. This light projection touches on beauty and the general idea of aesthetics but beneath that there is more.  

My desire with this piece was to compel the viewer such that they are inspired to see that the ordinary can still be exciting and that the things we see every day can still leave us breathless only by changing our perspective a bit.

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Faces (series)


︎Artist Statement:   

In the series titled “Faces” I have mapped the model's own words across the topography of their face using a specialized algorithm.  The piece invites the viewer to walk around and see the lyrics.  

These words we say reveal something deeper about a person.  The words we use and the ways in which we use them create windows to the creative spirit or the soul of a person.  These windows that are created give us tiny glances into a person and over time allow a person to be revealed more and more as we spend time with them.

Placing these portraits on windows developed into a deep nod at a reinterpretation of the phrase “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”  It’s not the eyes but it’s language that allows us to see into another’s soul.

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