Chris McKay AKA Chris Kay is a designer and artist who’s work focuses in phenomenology.

A statement from Chris Kay:

I’m fascinated by our human affectation created from our senses. Whether they are olfactory, tactile sensations, or visual stimulation all this sensory input is interpreted through similar means to get different cognitive results. My work investigates the distribution of sensation into affectness for the observer. This is done within both spectacle and quiet observation while leaning more toward the attractive and engaging.

My work also investigates personality and how it has an impact on a user. These tactile observations are interpreted through individuals’ personalities creating a meaning and reality around, and sometimes outside of, facts. I am fascinated by how we use our personality to our benefit or detriment and how it not only affects our life experience but also the effect it has on the people around us. How do we sort ourselves among our peers? How do we experience life? Facts often mean very little when it comes to our own interpretation of an experience.

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